Adidas ACE 16.1 Leather Kangaroo Leather Edition Appreciation

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After reducing the product line from the original four series to X and ACE (not considering the owner of "God's boots"), Adidas has no reason not to fully expand the existing two series of product lines. Some people in the world like the lightness brought by the ultra-fiber materials. Some people fall for the up-and-coming talents of knitted materials. However, no matter when the kangaroo leather soccer shoes have their own audience, this is also the objective condition for the appearance of the leather version of the Adidas ACE 16.1. Kangaroo leather football shoes can attract many fans, in addition to its excellent touch caused by the ecstasy can be distinguished in the same generation of products, also thanks to its excellent comfort. And natural leather is better than ultra-thin rayon and knitted materials in terms of protection. In the part of the design, the leather version still uses the symbolic color of solar energy green, and the three gradient bars on both sides of the black powder are the adidas styles of the eight children. But from a different perspective, if the falcon is not dead, the four major series are still in existence. If you didn't tell you in the beginning that this is a pair of ACE soccer shoes, would you think that this is a new generation of Adipure? In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, the kangaroo leather upper is also more friendly to shoe type compatibility. The more rounded sneakers match the stretchability of Kangaroo skin, allowing it to hold more feet. However, as a product of the fast-selling era, the leather version of ACE 16.1 seems to be a bit of a petty point for some people, covering about 1/3 of the overall shoe body. However, to be honest, as long as the kangaroo skin can ensure that the touch of the main touch area can basically meet the needs of most people! From the first three bars on the left side to the second half of the body, an artificial leather with a leathery texture is used. On the outside of the three bars, a “Y” shaped 3D print is attached (the inside of the shoe is three bars. No). Followed by the use of a bimodal "M" shape structure, the external protection TPU and the big bottom together, followed by the pink adidas embroidery on the collar. It should also be noted that the man-made material followed by the overall use of skin-like soft material, the upper foot is very comfortable. Followed by the internal use of black suede lining, there is a good lock. Compared to the previous generation of ACE Adidas soccer shoes, 16.1 re-use Adidas good reputation SprintFrame outsole, stable and solid conical studs also return. The large number of NSG 3D particles that appeared in the ordinary microfiber version was “squeezed” into the tongue in the leather plate. Note that the tongue in the leather version uses the many lace holes designed in the Primeknit version to prevent shoes. Tongue deviation! Shoe tongue is a three-layered structure with an outer TPU coating, a middle mesh breathable fabric, and a thin knit interior. A buffered memory sponge is also added beneath the lace hole to relieve the impact of the instep. The inner material of the tongue is also very cleverly reserved for a large area of ​​ventilation through the hollow. Insole does not have too many highlights, Adidas ordinary perforated lightweight insoles, front cover thin knitted fabrics generally have a non-slip effect.