Adidas Predator 18.1 FG Football Boots

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From its launch in 1994 to the curtain call in 2014, in 20 years, the Adidas Predator football shoes not only witnessed countless football classic moments, but also became an everlasting classic in the hearts of soccer shoe players. After several years of crouching, Adidas just released the new Predator 18 series football shoes, which announced the formal return of this classic boots. The new Predator 18 series boots not only retain the classic elements belonging to Predator, but also give them excellent combat performance with new technologies and processes. This year's "New Appreciation" takes you to EZer to admire the adidas Predator 18.1 FG football shoes that have appeared in front of us with a brand new look, a pair of new weapons that will awaken your killing instincts. The classical elements of the Predator series of classic black, red and white and iconic rubbing stripes are reflected in the pair of Predator 18.1 FG soccer shoes. As part of the "Skystalker Pack" football shoe set, the Predator 18.1 FG looks in black and white gold, and the iconic red element of the Predator boots is hidden inside the new Sockfit collar, when you put on your boots. The shoe collar that is opened can reveal the red details that the collar has. The three-dimensional heat-pressure friction texture on the upper part of the toe part like a scale-like raised up reminds you of the wild-looking fin-shaped rubber friction pad on the Predator boots of the early 1994s.

Although the appearance of the classic red and white elements of the Predator series boots and friction bar design, but Predator 18.1 FG does not seem to have the traditional sense of the Predator series of boots has a sense of heavy, but a little more light a feeling of. Smooth lines and a clean upper make this boot look more modern and have more speed boots.

Throughout the development history of the Predator series of boots, this classic boot's upper gradually evolved from the original leather material to artificial microfiber material. Nowadays, knitted uppers have become the mainstream of soccer shoes uppers, Predator 18.1's uppers are also made using Primeknit knitted materials, which bring comfortable wearing feelings and more real touch ball feeling to both feet. Like previous Ace series boots, Predator 18.1 also incorporates CONTROLSKIN technology to improve the friction of the uppers, keeping you in control of the football in any weather.

When referring to the Predator series boots, you must mention the iconic friction strip design on the upper. In the new Predator 18.1, a three-dimensional hot-stamp friction texture like the fin-shaped rubber pad on the predecessor Predator boots was added to the main ball of the upper. The new three-dimensional heat-pressure friction texture not only allows you to kick the ball out of a beautiful arc like the previous one. A new FORGED KNIT knitted structure is used on the inner and outer uppers of the shoe body to improve the upper support performance, and the three-dimensional friction texture is added to the arch “push” area to give you a more accurate control and transmission experience.

In addition to maintaining the Precator series of consistent precision control and fatal arcs, the Predator 18.1 boots will give you an extraordinary wearing experience. Although the traditional lacing design is still used, the integrated tongue design allows the upper to conform more closely to the instep. The SOCKFIT COLLAR socks with Primeknit knitted material are more ergonomic, not only brings better wraps to the ankles, but also creates a “human shoe” wearing experience and can also lock the heel firmly. The new Predator 18.1 football shoes will make you feel different from the actual performance and comfort of the upper.

The adidas Predator 18.1 FG uses a brand new outsole named “CONTROLFRAME”. The outsole with double density material is not only light but also has better stability performance. The newly designed studs combine the characteristics of round nails and knife nails, not only to make you turn more smart, and each step is more explosive. No matter which position you play on the court, the Predator 18.1 FG boots with the new CONTROLFRAME outsole will give you a better performance.

The classic elements of the Predator boots have been retained, and modern technology and craftsmanship have been used to give them more performance. For players who love Predator boots, the new adidas Predator 18.1 FG soccer shoes not only proclaimed the return of the Predator, but also meant that this long-awaited falcon is about to open its own new era.