Adidas customized version X 17.1 soccer shoes

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Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale has been suffering injuries this season, but he's already ready to debut this Saturday night at his hometown Champions League final, and Bell does not want to miss the chance of winning a cup at home . Coincides with the replacement of the Adidas X series, as Adidas pushing the star, Bell naturally the first time replaced the new Adidas X 17.1 Football Boots, but Bell on a lot of shoes, X17.1 under his feet is entirely in accordance with personal preference to design Player Custom Edition.

In the information we have seen, Real Morata has been put on the Adidas X 17 ahead of schedule in training, and now Bell Morata along with it to wear it.

Although you are the main spokesman for the Adidas X series, but Bell has been less satisfied with the X series of Adidas, whether it is the previous two generations of shoes or the latest X17, Bell has their own custom. And putting on new sneakers at such an important competition is indeed rare, especially for the Great, just recovered from injuries.


However, after careful observation we found that this pair of shoes at the foot of Bell is actually coated sandstorm series of color X16.1, is not a new generation of X17. So for Bell, the Big Saint chose a more familiar shoe to prepare for the Champions League final, after all, who do not want to take the Champions League final to adventure. Bell may be wearing the new X 17.1 from the beginning of the 2017-18 season.