Appearance of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite AG-PRO

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In the Nike Mercurial Assassin football shoes series, the positioning of the traditional top low-end models did not become awkward with the introduction of high-top, ultra-top-level models, but instead it had a large number of loyal fans. This is inseparable from its swiftness and good performance. What is important is that it is also closer to the people in terms of price. The new Nike Mercury Vapor XII 360 Elite is also undergoing a major upgrade in terms of "hardware", which greatly reduces the gap between the top level and the top level. Although it does not seem to differ from the Flyknit Ultra released last year, the new 360-degree upper structure and separate outsole configuration are still integrated into the Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite, giving it excellent performance and top-of-the-line configuration.


As one of the newest member of the Assassin family, the extremely streamlined design of the Nike Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite shoe body is still preserved, and the overall feel is very slim and pleasing to the eye. The redesigned Swoosh logo also gives a very speedy visual effect, which echoes its main selling point. All of them are Flyknit fabrics, but Nike re-interprets it with 360-degree design on the basis of this, which greatly enhances its wrapping and extensibility. The material itself is of moderate thickness, soft and not detractable. The lateral stripes are still retained in the upper, which is not very high but has good friction. It is slightly different from the super top class that we introduced before. In the same way that there are full and rounded toes, it does not protrude too much forward. The curvature of the entire upturn is still in the normal dimension. Toe-to-foot type Compatibility belongs to the upper-middle level. It is definitely a highlight of the new generation of assassins to weaving the ACC into the upper when weaving the upper. It has abandoned the practice of directly brushing the upper on the upper and integrating it into the material itself, which makes the entire upper The texture is very good, so that the coverage of the surface of the hot melt film has also been reduced to varying degrees in the second half of the upper. At first glance, the low-profile version of the collar is like a high-cut look, and on this basis, it still retains a small handle on the front of the collar. You can also see the words Vapor 360 above. This is also a differentiating point between different levels.


Nike Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite is still able to see the new M logo on the heel side. This black font surface is affixed with a layer of magic light film, craftsmanship and visual effects are superior. Heel is still very kind like super top level, like the use of suede punch synthetic material, comfort and locking are guaranteed. AG-PRO outsole is definitely a heart disease for many people. Before we officially started, we were still worried about whether the separation was designed to be castrated on AG-PRO. However, it turned out that our concern was superfluous. The forefoot spikes are as high as about 1.1cm, and the heel spikes are as high as about 1.27cm. Such heights are also unmatched by other brands of AG spikes. This has also been an important reason why it has been rejected by most people. Compared to the FG, AG-PRO's forefoot nails were replaced by agile hollow cone spikes, the middle still retains a V-shaped starter nails, of course, their number must occupy the absolute advantage, spikes Various degrees of reinforcement can be seen around the base. The advantage of this is that it has a greater attachment surface to human grass, resulting in more stable support. Another point to note is that the bending grooves of the FG version are not visible on both sides of the front palm of the AG-PRO. Therefore, in the case of the same material, the flexural rebound efficiency and velocity of the FG forefoot must be excellent. For AG-PRO. Compared with the FG version, the heel spikes replaced all the original V-shaped nails into two conical nails. This approach is also a stable compromise. The top of the midsole and the top level are in line with each other. It is still a full-shoulder nylon midsole, and the center can also see some bumpy patterns. Compared with the Orthlite in the previous generation of assassins, the insole was replaced with a stiffer foamed EVA, which reduced comfort. The net length of the JP 275's insole is 27 cm. The measurement results are consistent with those of the super top grade. However, the trial results show that the size of the sneaker is normal. This is thanks to the re-adjusted shoe type and the extensibility of the upper. The middle of the back of the insole is still able to see the black cushion, and the lines above are responsible for the seizure of the insole pattern, which acts as a fixed anti-slippery. The single weight of the same 275-size Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite AG-PRO is actually a few grams heavier than the Mercurial Superfly VI 360 Elite FG. Under the same structure, the AG-PRO outsole It is indeed more "weight".

Aside from the differences between FG and AG-PRO outsole, the performance of the low-profile version of the Mercurial Vapor XII 360 Elite is a good one. The gap between it and the super top is a shoe. Collar, just like poisonous front III. The point that everyone is vomiting is actually that the configuration of AG-PRO is dissatisfied with the soil of domestic venues. We think that if the venue you usually play is OK, and you don't have an over-the-top budget, then the top level is the best choice.