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From the beginning of the Savage Beauty (wild beauty) to the radiant Natural Diamond (natural diamonds), and then to the present Discovery (Discovery), Nike with a metaphor and symbolic chapter, tells us about a Cristian Novo Ronaldo is the biggest story for today's players.


We have also seen the brand before the other legendary football star launched a signature Nike Football Boots, such as Maradona, Matthaeus and other ancient giant. But these Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7 FG shoes in the narrative of the story slightly thin, Nike intends to use seven chapters to tell us about a grand atmosphere of football star growth process, such a complete and thoughtful plan is unprecedented feat.


Let us review the beginning of the story, the first chapter: Savage Beauty (wild beauty), its inspiration from the C Luo hometown of Madeira - volcanic islands formed by the archipelago (now volcano is not active, the last volcanic eruption about In 400,000 years ago). Uppers of the magma pattern inside and outside the shoes were extended on both sides, as the volcanic eruption of magma exhausted like to swallow everything.

Luo's exclusive series of the second chapter: Natural Diamond (natural diamond), its theme is about C Luo early years from the island juvenile came to the big city hard work hard. A feather boy from the country out of the world, must be subject to a lot of difficulties, as did not carve the original stone in general, only after grinding to bloom light.


Nike and Real Madrid signed a five-year agreement at the same time, did not forget C Lo's writing chapter, recently released C Luo exclusive assassin series of the third chapter: Discovery (explorer). The second chapter of the diamond color continued to write his career step by step toward glory, and finally like a diamond shine, and the third chapter Mercurial Superfly V and Mercurial Vapor XI, is written in the most important career in a C Luo Competition, August 6, 2003 Lisbon Athletic and Manchester United's friendly match, it is this game, opened the journey of C Luo brilliant road.