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As the world's largest sporting goods manufacturers, Nike will release a completely free from the media outside the product? A short-haired line of football shoes Well, although it is praised by generations of players, Mercurial Vapor XI may really meet these characteristics. So once the generation of the king, now is the decline? Or is it just a victim of the rise of Superfly again?
Will Vapor XI be called "second grade" or "not elite level" Looking back over the past 18 years, many of the iconic striker, maybe you can say Vapor are cattle! However, today's Vapor seems to be no longer scenery. Speaking of the strong attack on the "Spark Brilliance" series of market promotion, in view of the many gimmicks Superfly, Vapor seems to have been marginalized. Seemingly in the shadow of the Nike Vapor XI, but never unwilling. In view of the performance of Vapor X and the favorable attendance received in the professional arena, we are looking forward to the actual test of Vapor XI.

Looking back before the many big players have chosen Vapor X, more fans will Superfly IV high shoes to cut off, so that we can not help but think, Vapor legend in the end will continue, or in the shadow of the depressed it?

Over the past five years, Nike has spent almost all kinds of colors, and Nike Mercurial Vapor XI has chosen a few of these colors to form a bright appearance. "Total Crimson" for Nike is not much new, perhaps "explosive pink" this is closer to the purple color is so little creative, as "Volt" color, it is Nike absolute love, where to forget Not it. This combination of colors is the hope that the hope of this year's international events in the high light exit of the image, and they also want to let people fully understand the shoes brand (Nike) and series (assassins), from now on their plans Succeeded. Perhaps the lowest point of this pair of shoes care about the black "tongue" (the shoe is actually no tongue design) and heel. The soles are black, but they are not monotonous, because each spike is made of bright v floes.

This design for Vapor and Nike for Vapor choice of endorsement players are very suitable. Followed by the black is the front of the red shoes is particularly prominent. For Vapor, Nike always make every effort, Vapor XI so that this impression is more prominent.

As the first section of the series, comfortable dress should be sure of it?
Vapor's comfort has always been mixed. Over the past decade, Nike will Vapor as the speed of football market, the main means of competition, but this does not mean that the shoes fit and comfort is always very good. Anyway, we are counting on Nike through the introduction of woven materials to enhance the comfort of football shoes, right? But it was not Vapor.
If you have ever tried Vapor X or so many years Vapor XI is your first pair of Vapor, then the first thing you notice is that there is no tongue design. But in order to get the best fit, each time we are finishing the same tongue as finishing the parts to make adjustments. And Vapor XI's tongue parts can be bent in the second lace before the empty, and let the shoes become more easy. Once you wear it, you will notice that it uses the synthetic material tongue part is very flexible, but also very docile, and will not be too stretched. The design requirements of the site is to provide one by one corresponding to the fit, it should be said that it has done. But no tongue, it means a small wide foot you may be in the shoes when there will be some difficulties.

Vapor XI lined with flat synthetic material, lined with the upper and so are thin enough so that if you touch from inside, are able to clearly feel the upper side of the upper Ribs lines. After the feet, thin and soft Teijin synthetic material will wrap the feet. Nike is also followed by a little filling to ensure the comfort of wearing. In the trial process, we are a pair of non-woven, flying leather material soccer shoes so quickly began to feel fit and surprised. Although it may not be able to open the box directly on the game, but several simple adaptability training, this pair of shoes have been able to perfectly fit.
We are very fond of Nike Mercurial Vapor XI TF become a natural extension of the feeling of foot, and Nike seems to have done enough effort in this regard. According to their statement, they used a new shoe last to fit the natural curve of the foot. This makes the big toe position slightly higher, increasing the flexibility. Of course, these fancy introduction in the final analysis of a word, this pair of shoes fit really fantastic.
Perhaps another place to make the shoe very comfortable is the new outsole. The outsole is very resilient from the start and is also able to fit the natural curve of the foot. At the same time, compared with the former, the new outsole to be lighter. This pair of shoes can be really surprise again and again ah.