Small game boots Nike SuperflyX VI Elite TF Appreciation

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Next, the Nike SuperflyX VI Elite TF introduced to you is a new product of Nike in the small field of the World Cup. As the flagship shoe of the small football, it still inherits the super top design. In addition to its high degree of recognition, the high-top design can effectively prevent rubber particles and foreign objects from entering the shoe warehouse, greatly reducing the foreign body sensation during kicking and forming a very comfortable experience. This is a very real configuration for those who have been playing in small football all the year round.

Although it looks a lot like the big version of the super-top, in fact they are just "look like", the Swoosh logo is added to the outside of the shoe.

Their shoes are taller and thicker, and the overall visual center of gravity is naturally much higher, giving a solid and heavy feeling.


Nike Mercurial SuperflyX VI Elite upper material is still familiar with Flyknit fabric, but does not use the 360-degree upper surface technology in the top and super top versions of the big field, just a combination of pure fabric + hot melt film. The toe cap also intentionally hollowed out the hot melt film layer to resemble a fine-grained design, aiming to create the same effect as the large-field version of the upper, which is actually a relatively low-end paint skin. Nike Mercurial SuperflyX VI Elite CR7 TF Football Boots Blue Orange upper is really thin, and is similar to the popular small field artifact SF4 TF upper, so the package and touch feeling are much better than the SF 5 TF. Since it is specially prepared for the small field and grass field, the outsole has a natural edge protection design. The black edging net is about 1cm wide and a hot melt film layer is added for reinforcement protection. The strange thing is that since the outsole is reserved, the reinforcement of the car line is not so good. The edge can also see the words Engineered for Speed. From this point of view, the overall volume and thickness of the toe cap are superior and compatible with most people's foot types. Although the small field super-premium version also has ACC technology, we believe that it does not use the design that directly woven the ACC into the upper, but continues to follow the traditional idea of ​​brush coating. Moreover, it can be clearly seen from the figure that the coverage area of ​​the hot melt film has a relatively obvious shrinkage, and the latter part has no hot melt film layer. Without the coverage of the hot melt film layer, the fabric itself naturally does not have waterproof performance. The ordinary dripping experiment also proves that the upper is indeed directly exposed. The most important thing is the lack of hot melt film layer to protect some soil and perspiration. It is very easy to soil the upper, and it is more troublesome to take care of and care in the future. The front of the Nike Mercurial SuperflyX VI Elite collar can see the Flyknit logo, which also reminds us that it does not use the new 360-degree upper structure. The big M-character LOGO on the heel is the same as the big-field super-top, and the surface of the glossy film looks really cool. The built-in parcel cup plus the unadorned suture is currently cautious about whether it is worn or not. The heel lining material is actually the same as the top super top that we introduced before, but it is not punched, and the details are not delicate enough. This brand new broken nail outsole is actually the most famous V-shaped starter nail from the Mercurial Assassin football shoes. This kind of stud has an inherent advantage for instant start and acceleration, but lacks fulcrum and traction in lateral movement. In particular, it has a certain influence on the side sliding step and the small range of movement. The Nike Mercurial SuperflyX VI Elite's forefoot is almost entirely occupied by inverted V-shaped studs, which can be very helpful for starting. For those who like speed, or who are known for their explosive power, this is a very powerful design. In the back of the outsole, it is obvious that the thick EVA cushioning layer has been added. The texture is very soft. Compared with the weight and hardness of the previous generation, this time you can feel the improvement of the foot feeling. The insole material has been re-used in the ultra-top version of the softer Orthlite, the comfort level has been improved, but the insole surface still does not have a good anti-slip effect. JP 275's insole has a net length of 27.7cm. According to the try-on result, we recommend that you start with a normal size. The arch is thicker and wider, and is suitable for most people's feet.


The lightweight upper of the SuperflyX VI Elite TF is definitely a feature that far exceeds the harsh and heavy texture of the previous generation of Assassin's super-top TF, which also allows us to re-visit the SF4 TF in it. Slightly pitted is that the upper is not equipped with a new 360-degree technology, the surface does not see the fine lines that enhance the friction, the coverage of the hot melt film is also greatly reduced, which makes the second half of the wear resistance and The ease of later management is greatly reduced. Combining the above points gives us a feeling of serious reduction, and this kind of mistake is completely avoidable to us. In addition, its slightly single TF stud arrangement also exposes certain problems in lateral movement, so it does have a certain gap from the SF4 TF, but overall it is stronger than the SF5 TF.