Top Brand Quality Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Soccer Shoes Online

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As the world's number one sport, football has a lot of fans around the world. And to play a better football level on the pitch, then a professional football shoe is essential. Nike football shoes have always been loved by fans, and also launched a lot of series and styles, here are a few recommended for everyone.

The first one: nike vapor 12 elite fg
Nike vapor 12 elite fg uses Flyknit flying woven upper, which is more light and breathable. In addition, the "360 structure" is used to lock the instep fabric, the shoe cover, the heel lock and even the whole bottom. The performance of the double shoes is very good, and it can better complete the technical movements and exert its own speed advantage. 2018 Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Pro TF Football Boots Black Orange White


Because the "360 structure" also makes the sole of the shoe more closely fit with the outsole, greatly improving the ability to start and accelerate. The outsole has a separate design and is used with the arrow nails to give the players more outstanding speed and touch performance. 2018 Nike Mercurial Vapor XII TF Football Boots Blue Green

The second paragraph: nike vapor 12 elite njr ag-pro
Nike Mercurial Vapor XII elite njr ag-pro is Nike's top boots for Neymar. The Flyknit knit fabric is equipped with 360-degree upper technology for more comfort and foot performance. The upper has a raised strip of fine texture that gives the ball a better performance.
And this sneaker also uses ACC technology, with all-weather performance. The AG-PRO forefoot uses a hollow conical nail for improved agility; the middle is a “V” shaped stud for better start-up. 2018 Nike Mercurial Vapor XII PRO FG Football Boots White Orange Purple


The third paragraph: nike vapor 12 pro njr ag-pro
The shoe body adopts a popular design, which can adjust the ductility according to the foot shape; the upper uses micro-weaving technology, which not only reduces the weight of the shoe but also fits the foot. Together with ACC technology, players can maintain their performance even in rainy weather conditions.

Nike vapor 12 pro njr ag-pro's AG outsole uses a round nail with a "human" shape design to improve speed start performance; and the outsole still uses the podular cushioning block technology, which can relieve the pressure of the foot well.

Fourth: nike vaporx 12 academy tf
Nike vaporx 12 academy tf upper with Nike Skin technology, with soft wrapping and durability; the upper part of the shoe also adds a certain convex friction strip, which brings better touch feeling and ball control ability. better. 2018 Nike Mercurial Vapor XII PRO FG Football Boots White Golden
The fore and the forefoot of the outsole adopts a segmented design, in which the "human" type studs of the forefoot enhance the starting and shifting and the ability to change direction; the latter part is the "one" type studs to enhance the multi-directional emergency stop and support. effect.


Fifth: nike vaporx 12 pro tf
2018 Nike Mercurial Vapor XII PRO FG Football Boots Silver Red The upper is made of fabric and matched with low-cut integrated socks, which guarantees breathability and comfort, while also providing superior wearing wrap; plus the protective design of the toe and the HyperScreen 3D technology. Good for players to provide a solid fit and extraordinary touch experience on the court.
Nike vaporx 12 pro tf uses the TF broken nail outsole and the forefoot with "V" shaped studs to enhance the grip when starting; the middle back is the design of the "one" type studs, allowing the players to run Provide stability in the direction of change.