Top Quality Nike MagistaX Proximo TF Football Boots

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Nike officially announced a new street soccer shoes series FootballX debut, which also means that the original FC247 series formal curtain call, had accompanied us for a period of time Elastico, Bomba and Gato out of the stage of history. Nike also changed its slogan from "Anytime, anywhere." To "Football will never be the same."


The new FootballX series includes two major lines, called MercurialX and MagistaX, literally you can see the design of their products from Nike's two most heavyweight works in 2014: the assassin and ghost card. The "X" is actually a Roman numeral "10", meaning the number of futsal and the two teams. MercurialX and MagistaX are available in flat-bottomed IC and nail TF version, respectively, to deal with hard and artificial grass site. Today we are the protagonist of the TF version of Nike MagistaX.


This strokes again, Nike street soccer shoes now series of design ideas is very clear, the core of the product concept spread to the whole field of football, to simplify, strike out, and even partial flow design Encourage you to wear, let you boldly show the "football dog" tide. Today we are talking about MagistaX, the previous Elastico Superfly is actually the predecessor of MercurialX Proximo, compared to MercurialX, MagistaX is the debut of new shoes.


MagistaX Proximo appearance and ghost brand Obra consistent, but divided into two versions: leather version, non-leather version. Non-leather version is that we have been familiar with the Obra configuration, and leather version is the combination of new technology and old design. The color of the two also has significant differences. Flyknit version of the color and the quarter of the "heat wave" color match, while the cowhide version is used Mensao black and white color matching.


The first leather material will be combined with Flyknit knitted fabric football shoes. The upper part of the upper 2/3 part of the leather to replace the Nikeskin tanning leather hot melt film, the leather's natural touch and the perfect combination of knitted fabric fit, Nike shoes are still easy to wear the area to add a circle turn fur, not Not to mention Nike in the development and application of soccer shoes fabric jumped to a higher level. Released over the same period orange Nike MagistaX Proximo does not use leather fabric, but with the ghost brand Obra consistent. Nike provides two fabric options for everyone to choose. Of course, I certainly recommend a new version of the leather experience.


Upper thickness of the two shoes still have a certain gap, leather version of the toe upper thickness of 3.07 mm, Flyknit version of the upper thickness of 2.76 mm. Leather version of the thickness of about 0.3 mm, on the feet feel really thick leather version of some. Previously referred to the cowhide version of the toe of the area easy to wear add a circle turn fur, and Flyknit version of the same increase in the toe design of anti-open plastic friction coating. These two design coupled with the big end of the package can be said in the small field football match for the performance of the players can be described as building blocks, and Tongshe feel very cool.



The design of the integrated tongue is no longer strange, single-knit Flyknit fabric texture is soft, the thickness of only 1.54 mm. Cowhide version of the integration of tongue area using the same Flyknit knitted fabrics, but the thickness is 2.32 mm. Thicker than the former 0.8 mm. 3M tongue reflective material seems to have, it is not true, this is just the ordinary color of the weaving method, do not have 3M reflective effect.


MagistaX Proximo TF using the new TF outsole response to the needs of players, for the domestic artificial turf, it is appropriate. The spikes are designed in hexagons to provide a balance between starting grip and turning maneuverability. The bottom of each spike has six ribs, solid degree is also considered comprehensive.